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The Pytheas Group provides a complete range of high-quality blast cleaning abrasives for surface preparation as well as floor and filler products and special types of sand and gravel for filtration, decoration and other general purpose needs. We specialize in providing abrasive solutions of any surface such as all metal, wood, stone and concrete, and fiberglass surfaces!

The Pytheas Group are the exclusive representatives for many companies products including Eurogrit / Sibelco product lines in Greece and the Balkans. All of our abrasive products meet the latest international standards and regulations!
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Olivine Blasting Media is a magnesium iron silicate. It is an industrial mineral with a high magnesium content. Olivine is produced from Dunite rock and has a sandy structure. Olivine contains no free silica. It is appropriate for blast cleaning, foundry sand, refractory sand, and welding electrodes.It is particularly well suited for facade cleaning of buildings, and monument restoration.

A premium natural mineral abrasive, perfect for removing coatings from fiberglass, aluminum and steel surfaces where high surface roughness is not required. Available in very fine grain sizes which are able to easily clean porous surfaces. Olivine achieves an excellent slurry mixture for wet abrasive blasting systems, and has an added benefit of being biodegradable when exposed to the atmosphere over the medium term!

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Aluminium Silicate, Coal Slag Grit is an aluminium silicate blast cleaning grit made of coal slag from coal fired power stations. Eurogrit coal slag abrasive is an inert, natural sandblasting abrasive that does not contain free silica.Eurogrit aluminium silicate abrasive (coal slag grit) is suitable for blastcleaning (sandblasting) of steel and stone/concrete surfaces, removal of mill scale, rust, old paint, dirt etc. Eurogrit coal slag abrasive is suitable for SA-3, SA-2½ and SA-2, as well as sweep blasting.

A premium synthetic mineral abrasive with excellent grain size control. The best choice for industrial applications where requirements for surface roughness are tightly controlled. Grain sizes are available which can achieve almost any desired surface roughness for most surfaces. Chemically inert and therefore suitable for blasting all types of surfaces. Very aggressive and fast cutting!

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Eurofinesse is a fine abrasive made of aluminium silicate (micro coal slag). Eurofinesse coal slag is suitable for dry, wet and damp blast cleaning (sandblasting) applications and for special blast cleaning systems such as Norexco and The Farrow System units.


The aluminium silicate abrasive / coal slag may be used to blast clean: – steel or other metal surfaces that require a low to very low surface roughness. – stone or concrete surfaces that need to be cleaned while sustaining the least possible damage. – wooden surfaces, such as furniture. – one or more layers of a coating system (so-called selective blastcleaning). Eurofinesse coal slag is inert, very securely graded and the coal slag abrasive does not contain free silica.!

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