Our webpage ylika-ammobolis.gr  utilizes SSL protocol with a 2048-bit encryption to ensure safe online transactions and safeguarding the users’ personal data(name, address, phone number) shared with Pytheas Group for their purchases from malicious actions of theft or altering

SSL protocol(Secure Sockets Layer), is the web’s worldwide standard for the certification of web sites to web users and the encryption of data exchanged between them. An encrypted SSL exchange demands for all the exhanged data between the client and the server to be encrypted by the sending software and be decrypted by the receiving software. Furthermore all information sent via SSL protocol are protectedby a mechanism which checks whether the data have been altered during their transfer

For payments via credit card the user is transfered to our affiliated bank’s(Eurobank) safe environment. This webpage is safe and also encrypted via SSL, something that the user can and ought to verify by checking on the left side of the url bar for the presence of a green key icon. Credit,Debit or prepaid card’s data used as described above are not shared or filed with our company by any means