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Our Confidentiality Policy may be modified periodically to keep pace with the current legislation and developments of our company or the industry in general. In order to ensure that the page’s users are up to date with potential Privacy Policy modifications they are expected to periodically check the current page. By continuing to browse ylika-ammobolis.gr webpage users are forthwith in acceptance with our Privacy Policy in effect.

Visitors’ personal data will SOLELY be used for carrying out their orders and in some cases for a single further communication to check customer’s satisfaction. Pytheas Group will never sell, rent, distribute or publish in any way your personal information. If you are under the age of 16 you are obliged to have your parent’s permission to make further use of this web page’s services.

As most web pages we too make use of Google Analytics(GA) to monitor visitors’ activity. We utilize those data to determine the number of people using our webpage, how they found our webpage and gain better understanding of how they make use of it. Although GA logs data such as visitors’ location, hardware, browser, software and IP address these pieces of information are not shared with us. We consider Google to be a third party data processing agent in accordance with the directives of the EU legislation.

Concerning all your personal data logged in our database, all precautions are taken in order to ensure their safety. We will report any illegal breach of our web page’s database to any one and all interested parties as well as the authorities within 72 hours of said breach, provided the undermined data are stored in a readable form.